After a tragic family occurrence, a woman discovers that her little sister has gone missing and uses her diary to find out how she ended up in the daunting hands of the evil spirit that lives in her bedroom mirror. This project was completed in partial fulfillment of the Film and Video studies program at George Mason University.
My senior thesis project involved working with director David Mason on his short film, Reflection. The project earned me an Award of Distinction in Cinematography from the Film program. I was awarded a grant from Blackmagic and FoxFury Lighting to shoot the film.

Gals N Gear Speaker Panel at the 2018 NAB Show
As part of the grant, I was selected as a panelist for #GalsNGear to speak about my experience shooting with the gear.
A huge thanks to the series sponsors - Blackmagic DesignFoxFury Lighting, Gemstar Foundation, Interface Media Group, and DC Camera!
#GalsNGear is a pop-up event that brings professional women in the technical fields of video, film and digital media together with the tools, skills and community to succeed in their chosen craft. #GalsNGear is a national initiative of Women in Film & Video and is focused on creating new opportunities for women DP's, gaffers, editors, special effects designers, sound engineers, drone operators and more. 

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